Mix and Selecta Chocolates set to release new products at Mara Cakes


april 14, 2023

Mix and Selecta Chocolates set to release new products at Mara Cakes

Brazil’s largest confectionery event will be the site of exclusive product launches from brands such as soft gel, which is endorsed by legendary chef Beca Milano

São Paulo, April 2023 – Mix and Selecta Chocolates will be using the platform offered by Mara Cakes Fair 2023 to present the latest releases in the world of confectionery products. With Mix ambassador Beca Milano present at Mix’s booth, new product launches in the world of confectionery and chocolate at the event will include soft gel, chantimallow, sprinkles, jimmies and new oven-ready products. Mara Cakes Fair 2023 will be held between April 14 and 16, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the São Paulo Expo.

Soft Gel from the Beca Milano Collection

Beca Milano, chef, pastry chef and Mix ambassador, has signed 20 products in two soft gel lines. There are a total of 14 colors available in 25g packages and six powdered food colorings available in different colors, all of which will be released under Beca Milano’s exclusive label in 3g packages. The color chart includes cotton candy pink, bubble gum pink, gummy and jabuticaba burgundy, purple cupcake, marshmallow lilac, ice blue, tongue painter green, confetti water green, lemonade green, tangerine orange, caramel yellow, misty gray and lollipop blue. Mix’s new powdered food colorings include jabuticaba burgundy, cupcake purple, ice blue, caramel yellow, misty gray and tangerine orange.

The Soft Gel project was developed in partnership with Beca Milano, who participated throughout the process of choosing colors and themes, as well as testing and packaging. The Beca Milano Collection – Childhood colors, offers special tone solutions that connect the world of confectionery to cherished childhood memories. The choice of colors took the difficulty of combining certain colors in confectionery into account.

Chantimallow – the perfect combination!

Another market first for Mix is Chantimallow, which is a delicious combination of whipped cream and marshmallow. This new product is made available in powder form and can easily be prepared by pastry chefs as part of day-to-day projects. The product is ideal for toppings and fillings, mousses, pavés (Brazilian ladyfinger dessert) and different types of desserts, cake toppings and pies. One of the advantages offered by chantimallow is its unique combination of the balanced and rounded flavor of whipped cream and Marshmallow, which can also be mixed with other products.

Sprinkles and Jimmies to add that perfect final touch to desserts

With unprecedented combinations inspired by the fan celebrations held by Brazil’s biggest soccer teams, the seven sprinkles that make up the Twisted Collection can be used to decorate cakes and sweets. The new available colors include Red and White, Red and Black, Red and Green, Blue and White, Black and White, Green and White, and Green and Yellow.

Mix’s last jimmie sprinkles include thematic combinations of pink, red and white, inspired by important commemorative dates throughout year, such as Mother’s Day, pre-wedding bridal celebrations and Valentines’ Day, which promise to make any gastronomic delight that much more irresistible.

Mix’s Selecta Supreme oven-ready products will also be presented at the event, as well as the new packaging for Chantilinho and Mix’s line of additives, which include different colors for each product. The 30ml flavoring line has also been given a makeover, with new flavors that already meet existing regulations.

“The Mara Cakes Fair provides an excellent showcase in which individuals from Brazil and Latin America can participate and learn more about new product launches, techniques, exhibitions, tools and the latest developments in the confectionery world. We therefore had no choice but to present our biggest releases and new products at this event, which is something that is extraordinarily relevant to the confectionery world”, Adriane Gneipel, Duas Rodas’ Coordinator for Confectionery & Chocolates, affirmed.  

About Duas Rodas 

Present in more than 40 countries, Duas Rodas has been active for 97 years in the manufacturing of flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industries both in Brazil and worldwide. With more than 10 thousand customers, the company has a portfolio of about 3 thousand items divided into three major markets: Flavors, natural extracts, dehydrated goods, condiments and additives and integrated solutions; Food Service, with ice cream, chocolates, confectionery and baking products, with the Specialitá, Selecta and Mix brands; and Animal Nutrition, with animal nutrition ingredients from the Statera brand. A Brazilian leader in the manufacture of flavors and products for the food and beverage industry, Duas Rodas was founded by German immigrants in Santa Catarina, where its main headquarters still operates today. The company currently has two other factories in Brazil (Sergipe and São Paulo), three in Latin America (Chile, Colombia and Mexico), as well as seven research and development centers and an Innovation Center. Sustainability is one of the company’s performance strategies, which includes products that have received international Kosher, Halal, Organic Products and Fair for Life certifications, in addition to recognition under FSSC 22000 and SMETA.