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We were born amidst the diversity of the world's largest biome and, driven by a passion for the food universe, we bring authentic ingredients that establish harmonious connections for all human senses and the stories that nature, our greatest inspiration, has to tell.

Besides aromas, plant extracts and dehydrated ingredients, since 1925 we have invested responsibly in the development of products that make food and beverage brands around the world generators of positively, remarkable sensory experiences, based on the natural concept.


of global consumers
avoid artificial
aroma products.


agree to some extent that
foods without artificial ingredients
are always healthier.


Our tradition in developing flavors, cutting-edge technology, intellectual ability and keen knowledge of food make our natural aromas unique. Liquid, powdered, sweet, fruity and salty ingredients, each of them reflects fresh, clear, high impact and excellent fixation top notes that carry our taste buds to the source of each flavor. Specialty with the authority of the largest aroma house in Brazil.


We have established a solid connection between man and nature with our plant extracts. Whether for the flavor or active ingredients of different plants and fruits, each element delivers total performance with perfect stability and the highest international guarantees of food safety. These aspects are further enriched by the Fruittion Botanicals portfolio, an exclusive line inspired by Latin American botanical plurality, the region where our units are based.


The search for a better diet
drives the development of products
with real fruit and vegetable content.
For many years we have been offering a wide
range of dehydrate products for the food & beverage industry with technologies,
extraction and drying methods that retain much of the nutritional and sensory characteristics of fruits and vegetables.



Our customers benefit not only from our state-of-the-art dehydration facilities and application know-how, but also from our vast experience in high quality fruits and vegetables, constantly incorporated into the development of new products.

We operate with three specific drying technologies that guarantee dehydrated ingredients with nutritional components.

  • Spray Dryer

    For a fine powder with good solubility, with little or no evidence in the final product, dehydration is made by the Spray Dryer process.

  • Drum Dryer

    For fine or flaky flakes with intermediate solubility and some presence in the final product, dehydration is made by the Drum Dryer process.

  • Vaccum Dryer

    For a granulated or shattered flake, with low solubility, slow rehydration and great presence in the final product, dehydration is done by the Vaccum Dryer process.


Food means an experience that tells many stories, and we are attentive to every detail to provide the best of them. From in-depth knowledge of properties of each raw material and its transformations, interactions and origin, besides the most complex processes that guarantee its safety, everything is carefully checked and approved.


Our policies include suppliers which, like us, consider sustainability a strategic pillar and total quality a guarantee. Accordingly, we only use Kosher, Halal, Produtos Orgânicos and Fair for Life certified international products, besides FSSC 22000 and SMETA.

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