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Essential principal that inspires our relationships with partners, the community and the environment.



At Duas Rodas, sustainability is a strategy that guides our relationship with partners, the community and the environment. We use technology and creativity to develop our products, with rational use of raw materials and preservation of natural resources.

We have a system of participatory corporate governance, improvement groups and employee benefits such as health and private pension plans, profit sharing and medical care in the company, as well as access to scholarships and ongoing training.

In the communities in which it operates, Duas Rodas offers incentives to areas such as health, safety, education, the environment and culture. It also has a volunteer program with employees through its partnerships, and focuses on attending to the surrounding schools.

Integrated Magagement System

Get to know our practices, based on sustainable operations, which guarantee quality and safety in products and processes:

Duas Rodas is committed to the production of safe food for its customers and consumers, a purpose that is based on a solid Food Safety Management System, based on the internationally recognized standards of FSSC 22000 certification, and disseminated in several product lines and units of the company.

Our Food Safety Management System ensures that all potential health hazards to the consumer are controlled and the processes are planned, executed, monitored and improved continuously. The important management tool is aligned with global requirements and trends related to food safety.

With the Environmental Management System implemented in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, we are committed to raising, monitoring and controlling all possible environmental impacts, meeting the concept of sustainable development. The integration of industrial activities with the environment has always been one of the basic premises at Duas Rodas. Thus, the company seeks to meet legal requirements, minimize environmental impacts generated and develop technologies to optimize the use of environmental resources.

Among different control measures, we have our own Effluent Treatment Station to treat liquid effluents and return water to nature within the legal parameters, in addition to promoting a comprehensive plan for solid waste management, with awareness actions, selective collection and search for recycling technology and reuse of waste. We monitor the use of natural resources, permanent targets of rationalization actions, including investments in equipment and new technologies.

A biological system operates in the control of odors, and emissions from chimneys and vehicles undergo frequent analysis. The concern with the environment also includes 428 hectares of preserved area, the permanent search for equipment and solutions to reduce noise, in addition to an emergency prevention action plan with the support of a team of professional firefighters.

Based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015, our Quality Management System values the control of products and production processes, aiming at compliance with applicable laws and customer satisfaction, through the delivery of products and services of high standard. Our management by processes fosters continuous improvement with performance indicators, training the awareness and commitment of employees, with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction and according to laws applicable to the food industries.

Duas Rodas has a series of ingredients with Kosher certification, appropriated according to the Jewish precepts, because they have adequate formulations and processes and certified through audit. They are liquid aromas, powder aromas, dehydrated fruit aromas and certified extracts, enabling them to meet the needs of customers in Brazil and around the world.

We offer a wide portfolio of products that meet the requirements of Halal certification, such as liquid aromas, powder aromas, dehydrated fruit and extracts, ensuring the traceability of raw materials and inputs, delivering to the Muslim community safe products from the food and religious point of view.

We offer our customers a product portfolio of liquid and dehydrated extracts, which meet national and international protocols for the production of organic inputs.

Fair for Life certification promotes respect for human rights, fair working conditions, the ecosystem and the promotion of biodiversity and sustainable agricultural practices throughout the chain, from raw materials to the final product.

Duas Rodas is aligned with the pillars of Fair for Life, developing a sustainable business strategy that guides our relationship with partners, the community and the environment. We are committed to a production and manufacturing process that respects the environment and human rights.

The company has fair and ethical practices with its suppliers, seeking long-term and respectful partnerships, with the objective of ensuring sustainability within the supply chains and fair trade. Check out more information about the Fair for Life certification of Dois Rodas and the products in its scope clicking here


Since 1925, Duas Rodas has been building lasting relationships with the market and it is a global reference in flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industries.

We practice our Values through employee empowerment and awareness, as well as the effective communication with our customers, suppliers, employees and the community.

Working in constant growth, efficiency, quality and sustainability, Duas Rodas is based on the production of safe ingredients and foods, meeting statutory,  regulatory and mutually agreed customers requirements and on preserving the environment to achieve our results and continuous improvement.

Food safety and quality is our essence!


We strengthen our relationship with the communities where we operate through partnerships with institutions such as the Jaraguá and São José Hospitals, the Fire Department, the German Culture Center and the Duas Rodas Retired Club. We have a project to encourage volunteer work among employees, in partnership with the NGO Junior Achievement, with actions in community schools in the region. We also encourage social projects in the areas of education, culture, art, sports and health. Through the Rouanet Law, we support attractions such as Femusc, School goes to the Theater, Jaraguá do Sul Philharmonic Orchestra, More Dance, Music for All, Jaraguá do Sul Book Fair and Cítara de Corupá Cultural Project. Through the Sports Incentive Law, we have partnerships with projects such as A Bola da Vez (Jaragua’s Basketball Association) and Gol de Mão – Handebol do Amanhã. In the health area, we offer support, through the Childhood and Adolescence Fund (FIA), to actions such as the project For the Right to Life – Pequeno Príncipe Hospital and the Educational Foundation (Schroeder), and the National Support Program for Cancer Care (PRONON), to initiatives in the area of cancer treatment.



We firmly believe that all employees should be valued fairly and equitably, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. Therefore, we dedicate continuous efforts to ensure that our remuneration policies are transparent, based on objective criteria and free from any form of discrimination. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone has equal opportunities for professional growth and development.

Transparency and Equal Pay Report:

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