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If the world wants more Latinity, we are ready to serve and surprise with delicious experiences.

The largest biome is our home. Founded in Brazil and with business units installed in the most strategic countries in Latin America, Duas Rodas has a global business vision with highly local expertise. Cultural diversity and a deep understanding of the habits and desires of consumers in the region are in the company's DNA and are translated daily into the development of its ingredients. Duas Rodas is well positioned to deliver the perfect flavor in a wide portfolio with more than 3 thousand items for the Flavors, Foodservice and Animal Nutrition markets, with the differential of being strategically located in the largest biome in the world and deeply understanding the potential of Latin culture and how it can contribute to creating remarkable sensory experiences. Latin culture and flavors, a world of innovative ingredients to explore.

History of Success

Pioneers in extracting essential oils, we are the largest flavor house in Brazil. With more than 9 decades of success in the world of flavors, Duas Rodas was founded in 1925 by husband and wife, the German immigrants Hildegard and Rudolph Hufenüssler, in Santa Catarina. A history of creativity, innovation and passion, built on the dream of doing something different. And propelled by the courage to always overcome challenges with an eye on the future.

Global Presence

We have seven production units, seven applied research centers and the Innovation Center. Present throughout Latin America and dozens of other countries, we serve more than 10,000 customers with a portfolio of more than 3,000 ingredients for the food and beverage industries, such as flavors, ice cream products, condiments, additives, chocolates, extracts, dehydrated products and confectionery, and solutions for the animal nutrition industry.

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Origin of insignia and name

The coat of arms of the German city of Mainz, the founders' home town, has been present in our company's history since the beginning. And it was the inspiration for its name, starting in the 1990s, when it stopped being Indústrias Reunidas Jaraguá S.A. and started being Duas Rodas (Two Wheels) Industrial Ltda.


Promote the success of our customers, by giving them recognized quality ingredients and unique technical and commercial attention, creating value for shareholders, employees and partners, building lasting relationships.


Be globally recognized as a high performance, efficient and sustainable company, in order to achieve the highest growth indices in our history.