Last updated: October 7, 2020

The guarantee of privacy is an important right that assists all holders of personal data, and the use of such data by third parties must take place in a lawful, transparent, limited, and secure manner.

This Privacy Policy was established by DUAS RODAS with the purpose of allowing you, the User of our websites, duly informed about everything that concerns your personal information, in the context of the data processing we carry out.

We also inform you that this Policy extends to the following sites:



DUAS RODAS is committed to the legal use of personal data, observing applicable legislation, being focused on providing compliance and security in the processing of data, through the adoption of good privacy governance practices and appropriate technical and administrative mechanisms for controlling and monitoring the use of personal data by our organization.

Your information will be stored on our server and whenever there is a need for identification or provision of information, the transmission of data between your computer and the DUAS RODAS website will be carried out through a secure connection.

The adoption of such protection measures, despite reducing risks, does not prevent the possibility of data processing problems. DUAS RODAS, observing the principles of transparency and accountability, as soon as it is aware of any incidents related to personal data, will immediately communicate the fact to the respective holder(s).


All information collected on the websites will be stored in our database without human interference.


When you, an individual, enters our websites or interacts with them in any way by filling out a registration, for example, we may capture or access data about you.

Data you provide to us:

  • Registration data, such as: first name, last name, mobile phone, telephone, occupation, e-mail and also those commonly requested in registrations of participants of promotions, such as CPF, address, profession, photo and others, which may eventually be requested by force of your registration on the site or contact requests.

Data we collect automatically:

  • Public information about you and your profile, available on websites such as “open sites”, “social networks”, “public sources on the internet”;
  • We also use cookies, which are small data files that are stored on your computer and that allow you to identify your preferences, facilitating your internet browsing experience.
  • Cookies are able to identify the device you are using, and collect log data such as: browser, operating system, IP address, times, and origin of access to our website, pages visited, location data.
  • With your permission, with the collected data, we will be able to process data with Artificial Intelligence, segregating such data into differentiated groups, among others.

When you interact with our materials and content, we will collect your browsing data mentioned above, your data on visiting to our pages and other information that you share with us, through your interactions with our forms, Landing Pages and emails, for example.

To deliver content and materials of interest to you, you often need to cross-reference data so that our marketing actions are directed to what you expect to receive. We guarantee that this crossing is not done in a discriminatory manner, not harming any individual rights or freedoms of yours. In addition, you may, at any time, request changes to remove such data processing permissions, through our email address: [email protected].

Considering all these points, your data can be used in the following ways:

  • Your email is used for the operation of sending the material or information requested by you in filling out the form. It can also be used for sending Newsletters, launching of new materials or new products from Duas Rodas, as well as from our partners. However, the user can cancel the subscription at any time;
  • To send you messages about support or service, such as alerts, notifications, and updates;
  • Communicate with you about products, services, promotions, news, updates, events, and other matters you may be interested in; and
  • Perform targeted advertising according to your tastes, interests and other information collected.

Duas Rodas Customer

If you are a Duas Rodas Customer, in addition to the navigation data, with your consent, we will collect your registration and professional data, such as name, CPF, e-mail, company and country. Eventually, the request for some information can be made through direct contact from Duas Rodas to you via SAC – Customer Service, Sales or Commercial Representatives from Duas Rodas.

If you use your Facebook/Gmail account to integrate with the services offered, we may also collect publicly accessible personal data and/or data provided by Facebook and/or Gmail, such as name, photo and email.

Participants of Events for Duas Rodas

If you attend an event held by Duas Rodas, the necessary data will be collected to confirm your registration (such as name, location data, company where you work and place of residence).

Your e-mail data, collected at our events, will be shared with our Marketing team, in order to send you content and news about topics related to the purpose of the event. You can request a change in these preferences at any time through the following email address: [email protected].


Our website is not intended for use by minors. The participation of users is conditional, depending on their legal capacity, only authorizing and validating the registration of persons over 18 years of age. That is, minors under 18 years of age should not register on our websites.

What we do with your personal data

Your personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • Control your access and participation in websites and other mechanisms for interaction;
  • Proceed with the delivery of any awards;
  • Share with partner companies, information about your profile and consumption habits, for the purpose of sending targeted advertising offers that are of interest to you.
  • Customize the content of the Duas Rodas websites according to your preferences and data.

What is the legal basis and how long we keep your personal data
Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the legal base that allow us to perform the respective processing:

  • In compliance with legal or regulatory obligations – For the time determined by the legislation or regulatory standard, necessary for the verification of activities and / or accountability.
  • Execution of contract – As long as the contract that gave rise to the collection / use of personal data and eventually after its termination, for the purposes of historical controls, being anonymized, whenever possible.
  • Legitimate Interest – Where the storage of data is based on legitimate purposes, related to the activities carried out by the company, or to the provision/provision of services that benefit the holder, we may keep the personal data strictly necessary, to support and promote such activities, for as long as they last.
  • Consent – We will retain the personal data provided, for the period expressed in the consent form, or in its absence, until it is revoked by the holder.
  • Regular exercise of rights – We may use personal data in case of need for promotion and/or participation in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings for the time legally required.
  • Other legal bases – We may also have to keep your personal data stored on the basis of other legal bases already established, or that will be created in the future, for as long as each situation requires, always in order to preserve the principles of good faith, transparency, and security in the treatment of your personal data.

    With whom we share your personal data
  • We may share your personal data with:
  • Partner companies for the purpose of analyzing your profile and forwarding targeted offers, according to your habits and customs.
  • Government entities, in compliance with the law or judicial determinations;
  • In contracting an award or experience that requires the name of the holder who is entitled to the benefit;
  • Advertisers: You may eventually directly receive ads, content and links that are displayed in a personalized way from Duas Rodas, according to your interests and behaviors on our websites or other services with which you interact. To this end, data may be shared between Duas Rodas and the targeted advertising platform, mainly unique identifiers, IP addresses, cookies and other information collected from your browser, which can be used to measure the efficiency of online advertising. You can request the unregistration of this advertising by contacting us at the following email address: [email protected].
  • Our Partners: It is possible to partner with other companies to carry out work on our behalf and to do so, there will be a need to share your personal data with them to provide products and services to you.
  • Statistics: Data stored by Duas Rodas may be used for statistical (analytics) purposes. This data is grouped together in order to provide a macro analysis of the scenario, and therefore do not seek to identify or make identifiable any of the holders of personal data, but only to better understand how they are accessing the sites of Duas Rodas, in order to improve the provision of services and customize products more directed to the interests of users.
  • Social media profiles or other submissions: Registering on The Duas Rodas websites allows you to log in to your account through Facebook or Gmail, so certain data from your Facebook and Gmail account may be shared with Duas Rodas. In this sense, when you log in, please check the publicly accessible personal data that is authorized by these platforms so that you can decide what you want, or not, to share with us. We do not control the policies and practices of any other third-party website or service, so if you register using your profile on a social network, be aware of this.

What are your rights regarding the personal data we process

In addition to the care we take to preserve the security of your personal data, we also guarantee the data subject to clear and accurate information about the processing of data we perform.

Thus, you have the right, at any time, upon request:

  • Know if we process data of your ownership;
  • Have access to what personal data we process;
  • Request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Request the blocking, deletion, or anonymization of data;
  • Revoke the consent made to use the data and request the deletion of this data from our databases.
  • Get information about sharing the data;

How to ask questions about the personal data processed by DUAS RODAS

In case of questions about the processing of data carried out by Duas Rodas, you can request more information and clarification directly from our Data Officer, who will be able to answer you, in the time provided by law.
To do this, use the following email address: [email protected].


This Privacy Policy, in accordance with the dynamics of the current existing relationships, will also be constantly reviewed and updated, adding new requirements and adjusting to legal provisions, always with the aim of preserving the privacy of personal data subjects and ensuring the legitimate use of their information.