Specialitá and Selecta present 18 launches at Fispal 2024


june 11, 2024

Specialitá and Selecta present 18 launches with unique flavors and surprising inclusions at Fispal 2024

Lançamentos com sabores únicos e inclusões surpreendentes na Fispal 2024

São Paulo, June 2024 – The new products from Specialitá and Selecta, brands of Duas Rodas that lead the market for ice cream ingredients in Latin America, are special invitations for edible ice cream creations that provide even more surprising sensory experiences to consumers next season.

The 18 launches inspired by the biggest global consumer movements, which provide extra doses of indulgence, with unique flavors and innovative textures, will be officially presented at Fispal Sorvetes 2024, which starts this Tuesday, the 11th, and goes until Friday, the 14th, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP).

Two innovations by Specialitá are unprecedented in the Brazilian ice cream market: the Chocolat Chocolate with Marshmallow Paste, which combines irresistible chocolate with inclusions of generous chunks of marshmallow, and the White Chocolate Cream with Blackberry, which adds a special touch of flavor and texture with the dehydrated fruit itself.

Innovations aimed at the premium market

Specialitá prepared 10 launches for the season, mainly focused on products with inclusions, a strong trend and market opportunity. There are four new Chocolat Pastes: Cookie Brownie, with characteristic brownie flavor and color with crispy pieces; Ultra Cookie Milk, which intensifies the flavor that is already successful and has crispy cookie inclusions; Chocolate with Popcorn, a delicious combination on the rise in the global market and which, given its consistency, remains crispy in the middle of the filling; and the unparalleled Chocolate with Marshmallow, which preserves the texture of the marshmallow in the chocolate blend.

Pastas Chocolat - Lançamentos Specialitá 2024
Chocolat Pastes – Specialitá Launches 2024

The brand has also invested in inclusions in the Cream line, with the exclusive White Chocolate with Blackberry, which harmonizes the sweet and aromatic notes of white chocolate with the sourness and acidity of the dehydrated fruit; Gran Bueno, which combines the unparalleled flavor of white chocolate with notes of bonbon, crispy wafer and chestnut; and Ouro Negro, which offers the unmistakable flavor of chocolate with pieces of caramelized crisps.

Linha Creme - Lançamentos Specialitá 2024
Cream Line – Specialitá Launches 2024

A major innovation is the launch of the SoftIce Premium line, with richer bases to cater to the Soft Premium Ice Cream trend. The line initially features two flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate, which stand out for their creamy texture, excellent mouthfeel, stability and intensity of flavor.  

Another highlight of Specialitá for the season is the Pistachio Flavoring Paste, a very popular flavor among Brazilian consumers.

Pasta Saborizante sabor Pistache e Bases SoftIce Premium
Pistachio Flavored Paste and SoftIce Premium Bases

Featured indulgence

Selecta, with 76 years of experience in the ice cream market, presents 8 launches. The highlight is the Classic Cream Fillings line, which stands out for its excellent cost-benefit ratio, with five new versions in 3kg packages and sachets: Brigadeiro, with the characteristic flavor of homemade sweet and crunchy sprinkles; Gianduia, a mixture of chocolate with hazelnuts and crunchy nuts; Milk Chocolate, a delicious milk chocolate cream that gives an incomparable texture and intense flavor; Lattinho, in the cream version with even more intense and harmonious notes of milk powder; and Strawberry, with an intense fruit and milk flavor. All flavors are available in 3kg packages and sachets.

Linha Classic Recheios Creme - Selecta Sorvetes
Classic Line Cream Fillings – Selecta Sorvetes

In the Classic Filling line, which stands out for its striking and intense flavors, excellent texture, easy applicability and great bang for your buck, the brand is putting two other extra indulgent products into the market with the blends with creamy and fluid texture and intense flavors and crunchy wafer pieces: Milk ChocoWaffer (milk chocolate) and White ChocoWaffer (white chocolate).

In the traditional Algemix line of flavors, Selecta launches Berries, which harmonizes the unmistakable flavors of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry, striking just the right balance between sweetness and acidity.

Linha Classic Recheios ChocoWaffer e Saborizante Algemix Frutas Vermelhas
Classic Line ChocoWaffer Fillings and Algemix Berries Flavoring

“This year’s launches from Duas Rodas reflect the main global trends, aligned with the preferences of Brazilian consumers. These are flavors that are on the rise, some of them exclusive to Brazil, and a lot of texture with inclusions of all sizes, many of them with technologies that give superior experiences”, says Duas Rodas Marketing Manager Marco Henriques.


Duas Rodas, founded in 1925 in Jaraguá do Sul (SC) by the German couple Hildegard and Rudolph Hufenüssler, is one of the largest manufacturers of flavors, extracts and ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Leader in several segments in Brazil and Latin America, it is present with its flavors, textures and colors in most of the foods consumed by the Brazilian population. With headquarters in Santa Catarina, it has six factories, three in Brazil and three in other Latin American countries (Mexico, Chile and Colombia), six& R&D centers, as well as commercial offices in the United States and China and an Advanced Innovation and Logistics Center in Europe. It employs about 1,700 people and produces more than three thousand items divided into three markets: Flavors (flavors, botanical extracts, condiments and additives, in addition to integrated solutions), Food Service (where it operates with the Selecta, Specialitá and Mix brands in the manufacture of ingredients for ice cream, chocolates and confectionery) and Animal Nutrition (ingredients for animal nutrition, with the Statera brand). The company has a team of more than 200 professionals, including highly specialized engineers and technicians, who develop proprietary solutions for both the production process and the creation of new products, often in partnership with customers. Key technologies used for innovation include artificial intelligence and big data – both as tools to improve efficiency and to monitor consumer behavior.

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