An undeniable legacy - Duas Rodas


march 21, 2021

An undeniable legacy


Duas Rodas Industrial expresses its deep sorrow and solidarity with family and friends for the passing of Mr. DIETRICH HERMANN WOLFRAM HUFENÜSSLER, member of the corporate board of the company, that happened this Sunday, 03/21/2021.
Born on 04/29/1926, Mr. Dietrich was the son of Duas Rodas Industrial founders, Rudolph and Hildegard Hufenüssler. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, he started at Duas Rodas Industrial in January 1950 and, until recently, had maintained activities in the company.
Together with his brother Rodolfo, he structured the company, making it a national leader in the manufacturing of flavors and products for the food and beverage industry, with seven units in Latin America, three in Brazil (Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Sergipe) and Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
In addition to being the president of Duas Rodas for a certain period, “Seu Dietrich”, as he was affectionately called by customers, employees and everyone who had the opportunity to live with him throughout his more than 70 years of Duas Rodas, nurtured a great passion: the art of creating aromas and bringing more flavor to people’s lives.
We know that his legacy of professionalism, perseverance, persistence and humility still resonate in the company’s success story and serve as a real stimulus to employees and other people who shared moments with him.
‘Seu’ Dietrich’s sensitivity, creativity, and humanitarian spirit also transcended the business boundaries of Duas Rodas and its customers.
Parallel to his activities as an entrepreneur, he never lost sight of the socio-community aspects, always participating with outstanding leadership both in this area and in artistic and cultural activities, in institutions such as Hospital e Maternidade São José de Jaraguá, SCAR – Sociedade de Cultura Artística de Jaraguá do Sul and Jaraguá do Sul Rotary Club.
Throughout his history, he has always been ahead of his time, a great entrepreneur, and much more than that: a human being of good and exemplary values.
In respect to Mr. Dietrich and his family, the company will mourn tomorrow, 03/22/2021, when there will be no expedient, with business returning on Tuesday, 03/23/2021.