Duas Rodas launches Natural Chocolate Flavor - Duas Rodas


april 18, 2018

Duas Rodas launches Natural Chocolate Flavor

An ingredient that combines indulgence with naturalness in the most popular flavor in product launches worldwide

Chocolate is the most popular flavor in launches worldwide. In the last 3 years, more than 18,000 products have been launched in the global market with chocolate flavor, according to Mintel. The cookie category is the one that stood out the most, accounting for 30% of these launches.

With a strong acceptance in the Brazilian market and extremely indulgent characteristics, the cookie category has evolved over the years to keep up with the trend towards healthiness. Consumers can currently find many more product options formulated with fibers, proteins, and the inclusion of fruits and whole grain versions, for example.

To contribute to this gradual transformation of the market, Duas Rodas has developed its Natural Chocolate flavor, guaranteeing the indulgence also highly valued by the final consumer in products with the appeal of naturalness and health.

The careful development of the chocolate flavor profile was supported by Duas Rodas´s 92 years of experience in the manufacturing of flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry, knowledge of the chocolate market of its customers and its own chocolate experience with the Selecta Namur brand and detailed study of manufacturing processes and flavor profiles of the best chocolate. Developed using bioprocess methods, the Natural Chocolate flavor is the perfect translation of the taste of chocolate from natural sources, especially recommended for applications in products such as cookies.

“The new chocolate aroma enhances one of the main movements of the current food market: healthy snacking, promoting indulgent consumption without guilt. The sensory notes of the application in cookies bring an intense and rounded product very close to chocolate with 70% cocoa”, reinforces Duas Rodas Marketing Manager, Marco Paulo Pereira Henriques.