News Duas Rodas

march 19, 2020


Preserving people’s health and safety is priority number 1 for Duas Rodas. The moment is one of conscience, solidarity and cooperation. Prevention and collective thinking are the words that guide our actions.
We are closely monitoring information related to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, transmitted by the Coronavirus in Brazil and worldwide. Following recommendations from the World Health Organization, federal, state and municipal authorities, we have implemented measures to protect people’s health, in an integrated effort to prevent and control the Coronavirus, such as:

– We created an internal committee for Coronavirus prevention and control actions, in February, which since last week has been meeting daily to analyze the evolution of the situation in all units of Duas Rodas and adopt preventive measures.
– We reinforced our guidance communications to the internal public to prevent the contagion of Covid-19.
– Events and training that were scheduled were suspended until the end of April.
– Visits were restricted to all Duas Rodas units.
– We established that meetings with external audiences should only take place via digital.
– International and domestic travel by employees of Duas Rodas were suspended, either using air or public land transportation.
– We have adopted health and quarantine protocols for employees returning from international and domestic travel.
– We have implemented a gradual home office process in order to reduce the number of people in the offices (with priority for people in the risk group, in addition to mothers and fathers with school-age children).

We understand that the moment requires the joint of efforts, cooperation, social responsibility and acting proactively for a quick normalization of the situation.
We know that the situation changes every day, so new measures can be taken according to the evolution of the scenario.
We prioritize protecting people’s lives and, aware of our role in the food and beverage industry, we continue with our operations with the purpose of ensuring continuity of supply.
It’s time to take care of yourself and others!