For the 8th consecutive year, Duas Roads is among the most innovative companies in Brazil in the 2023 Valor Inovação Award


august 2, 2023

For the 8th consecutive year, Duas Rodas is among the most innovative companies in Brazil in the 2023 Valor Inovação Award

The Brazilian multinational is among the Top 5 in the ranking of the food, beverage and ingredients sector with the best innovation practices in the country

The multinational company Duas Rodas, the largest manufacturer of flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry in Brazil, is recognized by the 2023 Valor Inovação Brasil Award for the eighth consecutive year as one of the most innovative companies in the country, alongside 150 corporations. Again, the company stands out in the Top 5 ranking of the Food, Beverage and Ingredients segment, ranking 3rd overall and 1st as an Ingredients company.

The research evaluates the best practices of innovation management of companies operating in Brazil in different economic activities, their investments in the local market and results achieved.

“The presence of Duas Rodas in the ranking of Valor Inovação Brasil in the last eight years is a recognition of the consolidated innovation process of the company, a strategic pillar of competitiveness and expansion of its business”, highlights Leonardo Fausto Zipf, President of the multinational.

Duas Rodas has innovation as its main strategy for business evolution. To leverage opportunities, it directs investments to a series of technologies that favor innovation, add more value to the ingredients produced and help diversify its operations and penetration in new markets, strengthening its competitive advantage and participation in the global market.

Continued investments in innovation have proven to be a highly positive strategy. In 2022, the company recorded a significant growth of 20.9% in revenue compared to 2021, an expansion driven by new products, which accounted for about 23% of revenue last year.

Collaborative efficiency

Collaborative innovation, in strong synergy with customers, is one of the distinguishing factors of Duas Rodas’ work with the food and beverage industries, through the identification of opportunities for each customer, alignment of strategies and the development of tailor made projects, which culminate in the launch of innovative products on the market.

“At Duas Rodas, we value innovation throughout the cycle, from the production chain to the final consumer. We know that a deep understanding of consumer behavior and desires is key. For this, we invest in careful observation of consumer behavior, market intelligence, in-depth technical knowledge and collaborative creation to innovate our ingredients, products and services. We leverage expertise to enable our customers to offer new and positive experiences to consumers with products launched in the market”, says Paulo Mokarzel, Marketing Director of Duas Rodas, Head of Strategic Innovation and Manager of the startup Planta.

He adds that the company’s innovation ecosystem is reinforced by the services developed by the startup Planta Inovações Collaborativas. Brazil’s first open innovation platform for food and beverages has the mission of accelerating the future of food through collaboration with consumers and new technologies.

New technological solutions connected to the demands

The vast majority of Duas Rodas’ main innovation fronts currently involve digital transformation projects and the development of new technologies to meet current and future consumption demands.

“Per year, we present an average of 300 new products to the market. Our latest innovative launches are strongly connected to current consumer demands, such as healthiness, functionality and indulgence, especially with solutions that help industries overcome the technological challenges of reducing ingredients such as sodium, sugar and fats in their product formulations without affecting the consumption experience. We have also invested in enhancing our portfolio of natural ingredients, such as botanical extracts, dehydrated products and flavors, with a special focus on the functionality of bioactive compounds from plants”, says Steven Rumsey, Director of Innovation and Technology at Duas Rodas.

As an example of recent launches, which is unprecedented at a global level, he highlights the exclusive technology of concentrating 40% of natural vitamin C in acerola extract, one of the fruits with the highest active vitamin C potential, for use in food, beverages and supplements.

Innovation: success and competitiveness in business

In 2022, Duas Rodas evolved the processes with the reformulation of the strategic innovation structure to expand the capillarity, engagement and efficiency of innovation within the company, starting to act even more collaboratively.

“We reinforced our Innovation Center with the creation of two new innovation departments: the area of Strategic Innovation, which is responsible for the innovation strategy, design of the technology roadmap, management of the launch pipeline, innovation intelligence, management of the startup Planta Inovações Colaborativas and, above all, for stimulating the culture of innovation at the company; and the Research & Advanced Technologies area, responsible for researching and exploring new technologies, operating open innovation, managing intellectual property and patent policies and enabling internal technologies and capabilities”, explains Mokarzel. The executive reinforces: “with market intelligence, digital transformation and human relations, we complete the innovation ecosystem”.

Targets and Investments

Duas Rodas’ goals are extensive and involve innovations in products, processes and digital transformation. In innovation projects involving digital transformation alone, the company plans to invest more than R$ 22 million this year.

“These projects range from expansion of technologies and concepts of telemetry, synoptics, artificial intelligence, automation equipment, servers, network architecture, state-of-the-art equipment for product development and quality control. In the digital transformation master plan, we have the goal of, by 2025, obtaining the visualization of all production lines in the matrix”, Steven adds.

The 2023 Valor Inovação Brasil Award is a partnership between Strategy& – PwC’s strategic consultancy – and the newspaper Valor Econômico, which holds its 9th edition in 2023. The announcement of the 150 most innovative companies from 25 different sectors in the country took place last night (08/01).


Present in more than 40 countries, Duas Rodas has been active for 97 years in the manufacture of flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industries in Brazil and worldwide. With more than 10 thousand customers, the company has a portfolio of about 3 thousand items divided into three major markets: Flavors, with aromas, natural extracts, dehydrated, condiments and additives and integrated solutions; Food Service, with ice cream, chocolates, confectionery and baking products, with the Specialitá, Selecta and Mix brands; and Animal Nutrition, with animal nutrition ingredients of the Statera brand. A Brazilian leader in the manufacture of flavors and products for the food and beverage industry, Duas Rodas was founded by German immigrants in Santa Catarina, where its main headquarters still operates today. The company currently has two other factories in Brazil (Sergipe and São Paulo), three in Latin America (Chile, Colombia and Mexico), as well as six research and development centers and an Innovation Center. Sustainability is one of the company’s performance strategies, which has products with international Kosher, Halal, Organic Products and Fair for Life certifications, in addition to FSSC 22000 and SMETA.