Duas Rodas is awarded among the most innovative functional ingredients of the FI South America Innovation Awards 2018 - Duas Rodas


august 22, 2018

Duas Rodas is awarded among the most innovative functional ingredients of the FI South America Innovation Awards 2018

In line with the concept of health in food, sugar, a preparation that allows the partial or total substitution of sugar in edible ice cream, was recognized as one of the top 3 Innovative functional ingredients.


São Paulo, August 2018 – The multinational Duas Rodas, the national leader in the manufacture of flavors and ingredients for the food and beverage industry, has won the 3rd place in the category Most Innovative Functional Ingredient of the Food Ingredients Innovation Awards 2018, the main  national food industry award that aims to value innovation and recognize the creation of products in the industry that offer benefits to the final consumer.


The award-winning ingredient is iSugar, an ingredient  blend for partial or total substitution of sugar used in formulations of edible ice cream. The solution was developed utilizing Taste Full Technologies, Duas Rodas ingredients platform aimed to promote healthy foods worldwide, while maintaining excellent flavor.


iSugar offers a relevant option for the edible ice cream market by meeting the global consumption trend towards health and wellness, which is on the rise in Brazil. According to a Mintel research released in April this year, 53% of Brazilian consumers of ice cream interviewed said they are interested in trying out sugarless ice creams.


The technological solution allows a simple 1 to 1 partial or total substitution of the sugar in its formulation, maintaining the indulgence and also the structural properties of a traditional ice cream, such as texture, consistency and the freeze-inhibiting power of sucrose.


“The use of iSugar in the formulation allows combining edible ice cream with health without compromising consumer sensory experience, which is the main driver in product repurchase. Due to the simplicity of implementation and cost, the ingredient has the potential to significantly expand the availability of products with appeal of healthiness in the market, “says Duas rodas Marketing Manager, Marco Paulo Pereira Henriques.


The ingredient mixture has application in a wide group of product, including gelatos, ice creams, sorbets, popsicles and Mexican paletas.


Last year, Duas Rodas won the 3rd place in the category Most Innovative Food Ingredient of Fi Innovation Awards 2017 with T-Sweet, a natural ingredient technology that promotes the reduction of 25% to 33% of sugar in products including important natural flavor containing foods such as  yoghurts and nectars, as well as in other product categories.


“For the second consecutive year, we have ingredients for healthiness on the FI’s award-winning Innovation Awards. It is an important recognition of the work of our multidisciplinary team involved in the research and development of ingredients in connection with the global macro trends of consumption, “said Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Gonçalves, Director of Innovation and Technology.

Figueiredo points out that for Duas Rodas, innovation is a strategic pillar of competitiveness and business expansion. This positioning is confirmed in different investment fronts that achieve research and development, infrastructure, equipment and intellectual capital to innovate products, processes and technologies and to increase the positioning in the world market. “The company invests annually around 5% of its revenue in research and development”, reinforces the director.

Awards cocktail

The Innovation Awards 2018 awarded, in this issue, ingredients and food products in five categories: most innovative functional ingredient; most innovative food ingredient; functional product more innovative; most innovative product;  and most innovative food supplement. To participate, companies first entered their products. The next step was the evaluation of the Technical Committee, which judged various aspects such as innovation, consumer benefits, economic impact and technology used in manufacturing.


The awards event took place on Tuesday evening, August 21, at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo (SP), during the 22nd Food ingredients South America (FiSA).