Duas Rodas announces community aid in the fight against Coronavirus - Duas Rodas


march 23, 2020

Duas Rodas announces community aid in the fight against Coronavirus

Protecting life, the sense of community and the spirit of cooperation have been fundamental principles of Duas Rodas since our story began, more than 94 years ago.

We understand that now is a time to join efforts in order to preserve the health and safety of people faced with the challenging scenario of the pandemic spread of the new coronavirus around the world, in Brazil and, especially, in Jaraguá do Sul and surrounding region, where our headquarters are located.

Since the beginning, we have been closely following information related to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and, following recommendations from the World Health Organization, federal, state and municipal public bodies, we have already implemented a series of measures to protect people’s health.

Understanding and aware of our social responsibility, we know that solidarity has a fundamental role in confronting this delicate situation. With this in mind, in addition to several internal prevention actions implemented in the last few days, today, 03/23/2020, we announce new actions to contribute to this large-scale mobilization in favor of life:

– We are giving our annual contribution to Hospital Municipal São José and Hospital e Maternidade Jaraguá early, in an amount exceeding half a million Brazilian Reals;
– We will participate with a financial contribution to Fundo Empresarial para Reação Articulada de Santa Catarina Contra o Coronavírus (FERA-SC), created by FIESC, in order to promote a coordinated action between the various forces of society to overcome this challenge;
– We make the structure of our Recreational Association available to the public authorities, in which we will be able to promote the adaptations requested to receive people in the health team´s screening process, if there is a need;
– We also provide, if necessary, the kitchens at Duas Rodas and the Recreational Association at Duas Rodas to, at the necessary time and when requested, contribute to feeding the teams that are in charge of the work to combat the spread of Coronavirus, by making packed lunches that will be delivered to a place designated by the government.

We know that the situation changes every day, so we can adopt new measures according to the evolution of the scenario.
We believe that with the efforts of people, institutions, public authorities and companies, we will be able to overcome this together.

It’s time to take care of yourself and others!

Duas Rodas Coronavirus Prevention and Control Actions Office