Book praises the history of ice cream and presents a panorama for the future of the sector - Duas Rodas


december 7, 2018

Book praises the history of ice cream and presents a panorama for the future of the sector

Launch celebrates the 70 years of Selecta Sorvetes, whose trajectory follows the evolution of the Brazilian industry itself

São Paulo, December 2018 – Market forecasts bring good news for the ice cream segment. According to data from Mintel, the gradual improvement in the economic scenario in Brazil will have a positive impact on the sector, which will reach production of 486 million liters per year in retail by 2022, with revenues of BRL 8.1 billion. The issue of healthiness coupled with indulgence is among the trends that will propel this promising future, as shown in the book “Memórias do Sorvete – uma celebração à delícia gelada que ganhou o mundo, inspirou histórias e espalhou notícias,” recently released to celebrate 70 years of Selecta Sorvetes, a brand that belongs to the multinational Duas Rodas, the Brazilian leader in aromas and ingredients for the food industry.

Recognized since 1948 as one of the country’s leading specialists in the production of raw materials for the segment, Selecta decided to invest in the project of the book not only to celebrate its own history, but above all to honor this emblematic, popular and beloved food throughout the world. The publication has an entire chapter dedicated to the trajectory of more than 3,000 years of ice cream, from its appearance to the reinventions which have yielded a journey full of curiosities over time. An illustrated time line takes the reader on a journey through this millennial story, starting in the year 1000 BC.

Besides this overview, the book goes back to the foundation of Selecta Sorvetes and shows how the trajectory of the brand follows the very history of the development of the ice cream industry in Brazil. “It’s been seven decades creating, developing and experimenting ingredients, textures and combinations that ensure the success of those who produce ice cream. This story, told in the book, is the same as the industry and the people who make this segment one of the most consistent in the food sector,” says Marco Paulo Pereira Henriques, marketing manager of Duas Rodas.

The executive reinforces that the book represents more than a collection of Selecta events. “This is a project that reinforces a company’s belief that ice cream is food, given that it nourishes, refreshes and surprises our senses. It is also entrepreneurship, because it drives the industry and stimulates the business of our customers,” says the executive.

Indeed, the potential of entrepreneurship in the sector holds important prominence in the publication, so much so that it has its foreword is signed by Juliano Seabra, one of the greatest entrepreneurs and innovators in Brazil and former director general of Endeavor (2013-2018), one of the largest organizations in the country to support entrepreneurs. “Perpetuating a company is not easy: it is necessary to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and the manager in permanent tension. It is only possible to build a successful company with three absolutely aligned factors: purpose, knowledge and the market. Looking back, the beginning of Selecta had all of these,” the executive wrote in the opening text of the book.


Publication presents a panorama on the sector’s future

The book by Selecta Sorvetes brings even more insight into the edible ice cream market for years to come. The company brought together experts from various fields to create a comprehensive review of the future of ice cream, highlighting the trends and technologies that will transform the industry.

Among such predictions, it is worth highlighting, is that the appearance of food will be increasingly important due to the influence of social networks. Sensory stimuli will be increasingly relevant in the market, as they will help to conquer those consumers who are more present in the virtual world.

In the future, healthiness will continue to be an important attribute as long as it does not compromise taste and indulgence. In this scenario, functional ingredients will continue to expand in the industry, including the wide variety of national natural raw materials.

Another point that the book includes is technological transformations and how they will affect the ice cream market in the future. At Selecta Sorvetes, part of the advances that surround processes and products go through the Innovation Center, an area that connects different sectors of Duas Rodas in order to increase the impact of innovation inside and outside the company. Today, investments towards Innovation account for about 5% of the company’s total revenues.


About Duas Rodas:

Present in more than 30 countries, Duas Rodas has been operating for more than 93 years in the manufacture of ingredients for the food and beverage industries in Brazil and abroad. With more than 10,000 customers, the company has a portfolio of around 3000 items divided into three major markets: Flavors, with aromas, natural extracts, dehydrated products, condiments and additives and integrated solutions; Food Service, with products such as ice cream, chocolate, confectionery and bakery, under the brands Specialitá, Selecta and Mix; and Animal Nutrition, with animal nutrition ingredients from the Statera brand. A Brazilian leader in the manufacture of aromas and products for the food and beverage industry, Duas Rodas was founded by German immigrants in Santa Catarina, where it still operates today. The company currently has two other factories in Brazil (Sergipe and São Paulo), four in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico), as well as seven research and development centers and one Innovation Center. Sustainability is one of the company’s strategies, which has products with international Kosher, Halal, Organic Products and Fair for Life certifications, in addition to FSSC 22000 and SMETA.