Presidente da Duas Rodas receberá a Ordem do Mérito da CNI


march 21, 2024

The President of Duas Rodas will receive the Order of Merit from CNI, the highest honor of the industry in Brazil

Leonardo Zipf, presidente da Duas Rodas
President of Duas Rodas, Leonardo Fausto Zipf.

The President of Duas Rodas, Leonardo Fausto Zipf, will be honored with the Order of Industrial Merit from the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the highest industry honor in Brazil given to personalities and institutions that contribute significantly to the development of Brazilian industry.

The nomination by the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC) was unanimously approved by the CNI´s Board of Directors on Wednesday (03/20).

“It’s a great pleasure to receive this honor. I would like to share this national recognition with all the employees of Duas Rodas, a team that has been motivated for generations to consolidate our business project”, says Leonardo.

According to the President of FIESC, Mario Cezar de Aguiar, the award is the recognition of the Brazilian industry to the trajectory of a leader who led the company’s internationalization process and positioned it at the top of the Latin American food ingredients market. “Leonardo carries common characteristics of the Santa Catarina industrialist and entrepreneur, perseverance, boldness, capacity for innovation, resilience and reinvention”, he emphasizes.

Under the leadership of the entrepreneur, in the last 3 decades Duas Rodas has established production units in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. In early 2024, the company announced its newest acquisition, tropextrakt GmbH, in Germany, and the opening of an Advanced Innovation and Logistics Center in Europe. Recently, Duas Rodas has also expanded its presence with commercial offices in the United States and China.

In Brazil, it also promoted expansion, with the implementation of manufacturing units in the city of Estância, and with the acquisition, in 2015, of Mix Indústria de Produtos Alimentícios Ltda, in São Bernardo do Campo/SP.

Leonardo, who in 2019 was honored by FIESC with the Order of Industrial Merit of Santa Catarina, will be the 33rd industrialist from Santa Catarina to receive the highest decoration of the Brazilian industry.

The ceremony is scheduled for June 21, at an event at FIESC, along with the award of the Order of Industrial Merit of Santa Catarina.