President of Duas Rodas at the FIESC Radar Forum


april 4, 2024

President of Duas Rodas talks about high business performance at the FIESC Radar Forum

Presidente da Duas Rodas, Leonardo Zipf, fala sobre negócios no Fórum Radar da FIESC
Leonardo Zipf, president of Duas Rodas, at the FIESC Radar Forum

The use of artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and develop market strategies for Duas Rodas was one of the topics addressed by the company’s President, Leonardo Fausto Zipf, when talking about high business performance at the FIESC Radar Forum, held on Tuesday, the 3rd.  On a trip to Japan, he participated in the “References – Business Performance” panel via video, which also included executives from Lunelli Indústria do Vestuário, also from Jaraguá do Sul; Grupo H. Carlos Schneider, from Joinville; and moderators Alex Mariana (Neoliderança) and Caroline Maldaner (F.M. Pneiros, from Maravilha).

“Artificial intelligence has managed to make our internal processes much more efficient, even in a simple market research analysis, which traditionally would be a complex process involving many people. Today, using very carefully defined algorithms by our teams, we are able to identify gains and realize growth possibilities in multiple markets much more efficiently,” explained Leonardo. “When everyone is looking at A, we should look at B and maybe B is our growth opportunity”, he added.

The entrepreneur also pointed out that the commitment of employees is fundamental to improving the company’s performance. “The first point to achieve operational excellence is to have a motivated and prepared team to face the challenges and find relevant opportunities in these challenges that can take the company to another level”, he explained.

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