Leonardo Zipf, Presidente da Duas Rodas, é homenageado pelo Legislativo Catarinense 2023


november 21, 2023

President of Duas Rodas honored with 2023 Santa Catarina Legislative Commendation

The highest honor of Santa Catarina’s legislature was awarded to the businessman during a formal session at ALESC on Monday evening (20/11) in Florianópolis

The president of Duas Rodas, Leonardo Fausto Zipf, was honored with the 2023 Santa Catarina Legislative Commendation at a solemn award session held by the Santa Catarina Legislative Assembly on the 20th at 7pm.

The commendation is the highest honor bestowed by the Santa Catarina Parliament. This year, 43 businesspeople, entities and personalities from the most diverse areas of activity in the state, who stand out for their social commitment and entrepreneurship in favor of the state, were honored.

The tribute to the businessman was proposed by State Representative Dr. Vicente Caropreso, who represents the Jaraguá do Sul region. “Nominating my friend Leonardo Zipf to receive the Legislative Commendation is a joy for me. We are double countrymen: from Blumenau by birth, but from Jaraguá by heart. We built our lives, our families and our work in Jaraguá do Sul.

Duas Rodas, chaired by Leonardo Zipf, has become a multinational, a leading manufacturer of flavors and ingredients, consumed in food and drink by millions of consumers around the world. A recognized industrial leader, it has won awards and distinctions for the excellence of its management in quality, innovation and social responsibility. Duas Rodas maintains partnerships with the Jaraguá and São José Hospitals and the Fire Brigade, among other institutions, and acts strongly to encourage the areas of safety, education, the environment and culture.

For all these reasons, it is a joy and an honor to be able to nominate this enterprising and generous person to receive this distinction, which is the highest Commendation of the Santa Catarina Legislature. You have no shortage of merit. Congratulations, my friend Leonardo Zipf!” said Congressman Dr. Vicente.

Born in Blumenau, Leonardo Zipf has dedicated most of his 35 years at Duas Rodas to building the future of the company, which today is about to celebrate its centenary at a vigorous pace of national and international growth.

Founded in 1925 by German immigrants in Jaraguá do Sul (SC), the company currently has six manufacturing plants: three in Brazil (Santa Catarina, Sergipe and São Paulo) and three abroad (Chile, Colombia and Mexico), two international offices (China and the USA), as well as six research and development centers and an Innovation Center. There are around 1,200 employees at the headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul alone. Duas Rodas ingredients are part of the diet of millions of people in more than 40 countries around the world.

Zipf is currently the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company that he has placed in a leading position in the Latin American market for flavors and ingredients for food and beverages. 

“Receiving this tribute is an honor, a recognition that we share with all the generations that have led the company up to the present moment and with our entire team of collaborators. Great projects are always the result of working together. And it is this spirit of unity and determination, always looking to the present to build the future, that drives us at Duas Rodas,” says the businessman.

The tribute was attended by Leonardo’s daughters, Camila and Roberta, the member of the Board of Directors, Paulo André Hufenüssler, the Directors Jairo Becker (Financial Administration), Steven Rumsey (Innovation and Technology), Adilson Dias (Commercial), Lucimar Coelho (Operations), Júlio Van Vossen (Supply Chain) and the Human Relations Manager, Clodoaldo Heidemann.