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june 5, 2019

Fispal Ice Cream: Duas Rodas presents 20 innovative launches for the edible ice cream market

Novelties from the Specialitá and Selecta brands follow studies on consumer trends. Among the highlights are flavors that are regional, alcoholic, with healthy and wellness appeals, in addition to renowned desserts

Passionate about the ice cream market and professionals in the segment can celebrate. According to the Brazilian Association of Industries and the Ice Cream Industry (Abis), the perspective is that the ice cream industry grows from 3% to 5% in 2019. Within this positive scenario, the Specialitá and Selecta brands, which are part of the Duas Rodas group, the national leader in manufacturing products for the edible ice cream industries, present 20 launches and several attractions during the 2019 FISPAL Ice Creams (FISPAL Sorvetes 2019), the sector’s main fair, held in São Paulo, at Expo Center Norte, between 11 and 14 June.

The novelties include solutions for the production of ice creams with an appeal of healthiness, such as passion fruit and cream with zero addition of sugar, and new flavors that refer to consecrated sweets, such as milk pudding and apple pie. Another trend that the launches follow are the typically Brazilian ingredients, such as tapioca and chestnuts.

For the development of new products, Duas Rodas has carried out consumer behavior research, monitoring of launches around the world and has participated in international fairs, with the objective of observing the main market trends. All this combined with the leading edge technology already known by the multinational, which delivers what is most innovative to customers.

“Fispal participants will find products that give unique textures and flavors to the production of ice cream. They help entrepreneurs in the sector to offer a diversified portfolio and new sensory experiences to the final consumer, thus stimulating the growth of per capita consumption of ice cream in Brazil,” says Marco Paulo Pereira Henriques, marketing manager of the company.

Specialitá: 15 news for the premium market
Recognized on the market by the ingredients for gelato and ice cream premium formulation, Specialitá will present 15 launches during Fispal. The brand’s flavoring pastes, used to confer unique flavor and color characteristics to the gelati, gain four more flavors: Chocolate with Hazelnut, Milk Pudding and Tahiti Lemon, in addition to the Cream, which stands out for containing zero addition of sugar.
The new variegates, which are pastes produced from specially selected fruits and raw materials, and used in mixtures and popsicle fillings, come in two flavors: Passion fruit, with zero added sugar, and Tapioca jam, which is part of the Brazilian Flavors Collection.

Meanwhile, the novelties of the Pasta Chocolat Selection line, inspired and developed from Italian products and aromas, are the White Wafer, Coconut Chocolate and Brazil nuts flavors from the Brazilian Flavors Collection.

The brand also presents Stracciatella, a new line of ice-cream covers used mainly to bathe in popsicles, which is available in two versions: Milk Chocolate and Semisweet Dark Chocolate. Another launch is the Specialitá Crema line, ideal to produce differentiated ice creams or to be used on the confectionery sector. The portfolio comes with the flavors Peanut Cream with Pieces, Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa and Milky Cream.

It is also worth mentioning the Spirit Drink Base, developed to bring creaminess to the formulations of gelati and alcoholic ice creams. The product is a blend composed of stabilizers and emulsifiers.

Selected Novelties for 2019
A brand of the Duas Rodas group focused on the ice cream industries, Selecta brings apple pie flavors to the Plus line of natural and vitamin flavors, and Marshmallow to the Algemix collection.

Also during the event, the brand promotes the repositioning of the former Selecta Expresso line, now Selecta Soft, aimed at the production of soft ice cream. With reformulated flavors, packaging and brand, the novelty comes in the versions Chocolate, Yogurt and Vanilla, a flavor that stands out for allowing the creation of several types of ice cream from its formulation. The products already come with all the necessary ingredients for the manufacture of soft ice cream.

It is also worth highlighting the portfolio of the innovative Selecta Equilibrium, a fast-growing trend with special ingredients that enable manufacturers to produce ice creams, gelati, sorbets and popsicles with greater appeal for health and well-being.

Duas Rodas booth attractions
Thematic displays should attract the attention of visitors, with recipes prepared with the 2019 launches and unusual combinations. They are: successful series, dessert flavors, açaí, Latin American ingredients and children’s themes, such as unicorn, for example.

In addition, the professionals of Duas Rodas will prepare various recipes for tasting with the products of the brands Specialitá and Selecta. One of the novelties in this sense is the Acai space, which will show possibilities of using the ingredient in indulgent, relaxing, energetic, zero, whey protein and detox recipes.

The Selecta Equilibrium line will also have a specific space to present different combinations of products with appeal of health and well-being.

Another novelty that the company prepared for this year was the space for the Selecta Soft line, which arrives reformulated to serve the express ice cream market.

The public will also be able to participate in live demonstrations on how to prepare sundaes and milk-shakes, with various items from the general portfolio of the Selecta and Speciatitá brands.

Parallel events address challenges and potential
On June 12th and 13th, in parallel program to Fispal, the 3rd Latin American Ice Cream Congress (Clash) will take place, with the theme “Ice Cream, New Times – Trends, Achievements and Transformations”. Sponsored by Duas Rodas, the event brings together the main leaders and representatives of the sector to discuss the challenges and potentialities of the market.

The opening of Clash 2019, which will take place on the 12th at 9am, will be attended by executives from the segment. Among them, the president of Duas Rodas, Leonardo Fausto Zipf. On the same day, from 10h15, the company’s marketing manager, Marco Paulo Pereira Henriques, will participate of the Panel 1 with the lecture “Macro trends – New times, the consumer inspiring innovation that works” (“Macrotendências – Novos tempos, o consumidor inspirando a inovação que dá certo”).

In the scope of training, Duas Rodas will offer, during the event, courses at the Gelati Academy and the Gelati School by Impulse, with several daily and free classes.

Gelato Festival Challenge
Another attraction of Fispal 2019 is the semi-final of the Gelato Festival Challenge, a stage that classifies the Brazilian team for the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021, the main professional gelato championship in the world. It is worth noting that Carpigiani, a partner of Duas Rodas, is the main supporter of the tournament, and Specialitá is the official sponsor in Brazil.

About Duas Rodas:

Present in more than 30 countries, Duas Rodas has been operating for more than 93 years in the manufacture of ingredients for the food and beverage industries in Brazil and abroad. With more than 10,000 customers, the company has a portfolio of around 3000 items divided into three major markets: Flavors, including flavors, natural extracts, dehydrated products, condiments and additives and integrated solutions; Food Service, with products such as ice cream, chocolate, confectionery and bakery, under the brands Specialitá, Selecta and Mix; and Animal Nutrition, with animal nutrition ingredients from the Statera brand. A Brazilian leader in the manufacture of flavors and products for the food and beverage industry, Duas Rodas was founded by German immigrants in Santa Catarina, where it still operates today. The company currently has two other factories in Brazil (Sergipe and São Paulo), four in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico), as well as seven research and development centers and one Innovation Center. Sustainability is one of the company’s strategies, which has products with international Kosher, Halal, Organic Products and Fair for Life certifications, in addition to FSSC 22000 and SMETA.