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october 19, 2018

Duas Rodas offers clean label solutions for meat and bakery

Formulations made from acerola extracts and extracts from other botanical fruits and herbs provide numerous benefits, such as longer shelf life and product performance

SAO PAULO, Oct. , 2018 Sensitive to the growing global trend for food and beverages made of natural ingredients, Duas Rodas offers the market creative and innovative solutions made from acerola extracts, which have been developed for the bakery and meat industries. These natural solutions allow important gains to be made in product performance, and also in the clean label positioning of the brands.

In partnership with Brazilian universities, Duas Rodas studied the interaction of botanical extracts used in meat-based products to develop products with high anti-oxidant potential. The solutions result in increased shelf life of the products, conservation of sensory attributes, and they are excellent options for replacing traditional synthetic additives.

“Acerola & Oils Extract, for example, is the result of a synergic combination of acerola and microencapsulated botanical extracts with proven benefits. Tests indicated that it is possible to combine clean label characteristics with color, taste and smell, and to ensure superior performance in inhibiting oxidative reaction,” said Mozart Soccas, the Manager of Product Development for Duas Rodas.

Known for its antioxidant potential, natural ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is found in acerola, is also used as an oxidant agent in bakery products, with the function of increasing the elastic potential of gluten-forming proteins. Studies evaluated the best natural alternatives to replace synthetic ascorbic acid in bread recipes, and led to the development of the acerola extract for the bakery market, with equal performance in bread rising and in maintaining the gluten network.

“In addition to the proven quality of the products, which offer the possibility of clean label positioning, we have complete supply chain control and traceability. It is produced at one of our plants in Brazil, which is the largest producer of acerola in the world,” Mozart said.