Duas Rodas inaugurates a new Center of Technology in SP and further advances its commitment to innovation. - Duas Rodas


july 24, 2018

Duas Rodas inaugurates a new Center of Technology in SP and further advances its commitment to innovation.

Conceived in as part of an Open Innovation Strategy, the CTI with an Open Space design aims to strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers in the Southeast region of Brazil to develop innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry.


Sao Paulo, July 2018 – Recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the country, Duas Rodas, the national leader in the production of flavors and extracts for the food industry, inaugurated on July 25th its latest Center of Technology and Innovation (CTI) located at the São Bernardo do Campo plant in Sao Paulo. The R$ 5 million investment further advances the company’s commitment to innovation. Duas Rodas research facilities include a principal  Center of Innovation and Technology at its headquarters in Jaragua do Sul, SC as well as six additional Research, Development, and Quality Control Centers located in São Paulo, Sergipe, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.


The CTI featurs modern design, inspired by innovation companies from Silicon Valley, with spaces that encourages social interacton, integration and innovation.


The Center of Innovation and Technology features research, development, and application labs for flavor-related projects, and for products for the confectionary and baking sectors. Additionally, there are spaces designed for experimental culinary and confectionary application which can also be used as auditoriums for presentations, training, and meetings.


One of the primary goals for the CTI is to bring Duas Rodas closer to customers in the Southeast Region, to enable a stronger collaborative innovation culture  and connect with one of the most important and dynamic markets in the country.


“The CTI project reinforces our focus on structures designed for innovation, which is one of the strategic pillars of competitiveness and business expansion of Duas Rodas. Over the last few years, we have been investing heavily in research and development as well as in infrastructure, equipment, and intellectual capital in the search for innovation for products, processes, and technologies, as in addition  to expand our position in the world market,” says Leonardo Zipf, president of Duas Rodas.


According to Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Goncalves, director of Innovation and Technology at Duas Rodas, CTI´s open space concept brings together the idea of an environment designed to stimulate collaborative innovation and the interaction between multidisciplinary teams to meet the needs of the food industry much more quickly and efficiently. “It is an open space, geared to generate, tangibilize and offer experimentation for the future of the food industry. We are also going to further expand our open innovation initiatives with the purpose of receiving stakeholders, and promote the interaction and generation of new solutions, a process which needs to be increasingly efficient and in accordance with the needs of the food market, ” adds the director.


The Brazilian multinational currently has over 200 flavor and technical specialists working in its seven units in Latin America to develop technological and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industries.


“In 2017, we were able to overcome the internal challenge of ensuring that at least 10% of our revenue came from innovative products.  This indicator reached 15% in the last three years, with more than 960 new items in the portfolio. The positive performance reinforces the strategic alignment of our innovation initiatives with the trends of the consumer market, which increasingly seeks differentiation, such as healthiness coupled with indulgence, convenience, and sustainability,” says the president.