Duas Rodas representatives in the new management of ADVB-SC


march 13, 2024

Duas Rodas has two representatives in the new management of ADVB-SC

Leonardo Zipf, novo Presidente do Conselho de Adminitração da ADVB/SC, com Ricardo Lima, Presidente da entidade.
Leonardo Zipf and Ricardo Lima shake hands
Julio Van Vossen, Diretor de Supply Chain da Duas Rodas e  e Vice-presidente Executivo de Gestão da ADVB/SC.
Júlio Van Vossen, Supply Chain Director

Two representatives from Duas Rodas are members of the new management of the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil (ADVB/SC) for the 2024/2025 biennium, sworn in last week in Florianópolis (SC). Entrepreneur Leonardo Zipf, President of the company, took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the entity, and the Supply Chain Director, Júlio Van Vossen, will be responsible for the Executive Vice-Presidency of Management.

“The presence of Duas Rodas’ leaders in this ADVB-SC management is very important to achieve the proposed objectives. Leonardo Zipf, with his competence, experience, relationship and enthusiasm, will lead our Board of Directors as Chairman. He will also contribute to the Executive Board with strategic guidelines. Júlio Van Vossen, upon assuming the Vice-Presidency of Management, will contribute all his expertise to implement a new and professional management model, implementing the strategic planning for the 2024/25 biennium, fundamental to optimize the management of the entity”, says the entity’s new President, Ricardo Barbosa Lima.

“In thinking, management and results, he leads those who promote transformation. In order to connect and to transform, I was invited to join the Executive Board, as Vice President of Management, for which I felt very honored. Being able to contribute to the institution, bringing good management practices and strategic planning will be a very enriching experience”, says Júlio.


Duas Rodas, founded in 1925 in Jaraguá do Sul (SC) by the German couple Hildegard and Rudolph Hufenüssler, is one of the largest manufacturers of flavors, extracts and ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Leader in several segments in Brazil and Latin America, has presence with its flavors, textures and colors in most of the foods consumed by the Brazilian population. With headquarters in Santa Catarina, it has six factories, three in Brazil and three in other Latin American countries (Mexico, Chile and Colombia), six R&D centers, as well as the Advanced Innovation and Logistics Center in Europe and commercial offices in the United States and China. It employs about 1,700 people and produces more than three thousand items divided into three markets: Flavors (flavors, botanical extracts, condiments and additives, in addition to integrated solutions), Food Service (where it operates with the Selecta, Specialitá and Mix brands in the manufacture of ingredients for ice cream, chocolates and confectionery) and Animal Nutrition (ingredients for animal nutrition, with the Statera brand). The company has a team of more than 200 professionals, including highly specialized engineers and technicians, who develop proprietary solutions for both the production process and the creation of new products, often in partnership with customers. Key technologies used for innovation include artificial intelligence and big data – both as tools to improve efficiency and to monitor consumer behavior.


Founded in 1984, it is a non-profit civil entity that, through courses and awards, promotes innovation, relationships, training and recognition of professionals in the areas of marketing and sales in the State.