Duas Rodas donates ingredients for Jaraguá do Sul´s giant anniversary cake


july 24, 2023

Duas Rodas donates ingredients for Jaraguá do Sul´s giant anniversary cake

For almost a century, adding more flavor to people’s lives around the world, the multinational company from Jaragua, Duas Rodas, teamed up with bakeries and confectioners from Jaraguá do Sul to present the community with a giant cake that was cut and distributed during the celebrations on July 25, the city’s anniversary.

To participate in the action coordinated by the Bakery Center of ACIJS (Commercial and Industrial Association of Jaraguá do Sul), Duas Rodas donated 40kg of the Selecta Base for Whipped Cream Topping and 40kg of Dark Soft Mix Granules to the participating bakeries, products that are part of the portfolios of the Mix and Selecta brands aimed at the ice cream, confectionery and chocolate segments.

In addition to the products, the company made two gourmet chefs available to help the professionals of the participating bakeries and confectioners with guidelines on how to prepare the cake toppings. The company also helped make T-shirts for the professionals involved in distributing the cakes, as well as promotional materials. It also provided aprons to the confectioners involved in the event.

“We have been part of the heart and soul of Jaraguá do Sul for over 97 years and we are delighted to take part in this beautiful tribute to the city and the people of Jaraguá. We grew and built our success story together and there is nothing better than a special date like this to celebrate our achievements”, says Adilson Dias, Commercial Director of Duas Rodas.

Eleven bakeries and confectioneries in the city participated in this event, which produced 37 two-layer cakes, with free choice for fillings, which ranged from chocolate, strawberry, dulce de leche, marta rocha [chocolate with citric fruits], pineapple, among other flavors, in addition to the whipped cream topping with sprinkles. The Center estimates that the cakes totaled more than 300 kg, 100 kg more than last year, and that more than 5 thousand pieces were given out.

“For more than 10 years, the Bakery and Confectionery Center has been producing Jaraguá’s anniversary cake, as this is a way to honor the city and thank our community that is always present, that is our customer, that contributes to our development and to the growth of the municipality. And having Duas Rodas as our partner for this event, which was founded in this city, present in so many Brazilian homes and with a long history that merges with that of Jaraguá, fills us with pride”, says Valdemir Michels, coordinator of the Bakery Center of ACIJS.