Duas Rodas celebrates 98 years with a strong international expansion process


december 1, 2023

Duas Rodas celebrates 98 years with a strong international expansion process

Company combines technologies, artificial intelligence and human talents to innovate, realize its growth strategy and business sustainability

Founded on December 1st, 1925, the company maintains its headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul, where more than 1,200 employees work.

The synergy between innovation, technology and people, combined with extra portions of boldness, proactivity and adaptability, is the essence of the success story of Duas Rodas, which today celebrates its 98th anniversary with a strong process of international expansion.

Founded in Jaraguá do Sul on December 1st, 1925, by the German immigrant couple Rudolph and Hildegard Hufenüssler, the company carries in its DNA a sharp vision of the future and a great appetite for innovating and pioneering new markets. Characteristics that inspire and guide the construction of business sustainability to this day.

“Reaching the age of 98 with this solidity and vigor demonstrates great resilience, proactivity and adaptability, which translate into experience to guide this journey in the present with a vision of the future,” says the CEO of Duas Rodas, Leonardo Fausto Zipf.

History of protagonism

The leadership in the market of flavorings and ingredients for food and beverages and its expansion in the international market is the result of the protagonism of three generations at the forefront of the company’s driving and growth strategies throughout its trajectory that is close to completing a century.

Starting with the founders, who pioneered the Brazilian manufacture of aromas and essential oils from tropical plants for food and beverages.  The second generation, with Dietrich (in memoriam) and Rodolfo Hufenüssler, enthusiasts of the project initiated by the parents, who with firm steps and in a solid and extremely integrated partnership, transformed the company into the largest aroma house in Brazil.

“The consolidation of Duas Rodas’ growth project in the third generation took place in a very aligned and integrated way between two superintendencies, which were led by Monika Hufenüssler Conrads and myself for several years, enhancing the technical and commercial aspects of our company and strengthening the corporate governance process,” the businessman emphasizes.

The third generation, currently represented by Leonardo, who holds the positions of Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors, has made a great leap forward in the global expansion of the Latin American multinational, handing over to the fourth generation an extremely solid business and community commitment.

Connectivity in the succession processes between generations, in a continuous movement, was an essential ingredient for this winning trajectory, reinforces the Chairman.

“The construction of this century-old success story demonstrates that the company’s purpose is rooted and that the Duas Rodas coat of arms beats strongly in the hearts of all partners who follow our business journey,” he points out.

Leonardo: “Duas Rodas is made up of people and its success is translated by an entire team”

Investments in digital transformation and innovation

Strategic plans with robust investments in digital transformation and innovation have guided the company’s positive performance even in adversity scenarios, with annual growth above double digits for more than a decade, and with prospects of celebrating the centenary surpassing the historical mark of R$2 billion in revenue.

“We believe in the union of technology, artificial intelligence and human capital to further enhance our ability to innovate and expand business in Brazil and in the world,” explains Leonardo.

In connection with the most current consumer movements, the company invests heavily in co-creation with customers, collaborative innovation and partnerships with suppliers, startups, universities and international institutions.  This happens in countries such as Germany, the USA and Israel, with the purpose of contributing to the evolution of the food and beverage industry, offering the market relevant solutions that meet trends and help promote the best food.

Position that enables the future growth of the company and the achievement of market recognition, among them, as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil in the Valor Innovation Award for the 8th consecutive year, with the relevant placement among the top 3 in the Food, Beverage and Ingredients ranking.

The company invests heavily in co-creation with customers and collaborative innovation

Presence in food and beverages in more than 40 countries

Today, the ingredients produced by Duas Rodas are present in the most different categories of food and beverages consumed by millions of people in more than 40 countries. The approximately 10,000 customers are served by a broad portfolio of 3,000 items, integrated by flavorings, natural extracts, dehydrated ingredients, condiments and additives, integrated solutions; products for ice cream, chocolates, confectionery and bakery, with the brands Specialitá, Selecta and Mix; and also animal nutrition ingredients.

The company has six units in Latin America, three in Brazil (Jaraguá do Sul/SC, São Bernardo do Campo/SP and Estância/SE), and the other three in Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Antioquia) and Mexico (Querétaro), as well as commercial offices in China (Shanghai) and the USA (Texas).

With a wide manufacturing structure, Duas Rodas stands out for the diversity of processes and the largest production capacity of powder flavorings in Latin America.

The valuable contribution of people

“From the beginning, our journey was guided by clear purposes and responsible management, focused on the ethical relationship with all stakeholders, on the excellence of customer service and, especially, on valuing the people who participate in this construction guided by integrity and respect,” he says.

The entrepreneur adds: “Duas Rodas is made up of people and its success is translated by an entire team. There is no individual work, but rather collective. And this makes Duas Rodas always a company dedicated to technically serving its customers, super professional and responsible in collecting results, while being a company that integrates, provides opportunities and embraces the employee and also the community, “emphasizes the CEO.

Currently, the company has about 1,700 employees, of which more than 1,200 work at the Headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul.

Commitment to supporting social initiatives

Throughout its nine decades of existence, Duas Rodas has maintained its commitment to support social initiatives, especially in the communities in which it operates. It is a way to benefit employees and their children and to contribute to the development of society in general.

Currently, the company encourages more than 20 social, cultural, sports, child and adolescent support and elderly projects in Brazil, in addition to supporting and maintaining partnerships with the São José Municipal Hospital, the Jaraguá Hospital and Maternity, the Jaraguá do Sul Volunteer Fire Department and the Duas Rodas Retirement Club.