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Connecting meat industry to consumers’ preferences and desires, offering solutions that deliver maximum flavor and quality to products.


Our trajectory assurances know-how and technological capacity to bring food to more than 40 countries through authentic and remarkable experiences, respecting all food safety standards.


Knowing how to translate cultural references with sensitivity and optimizing processes intelligently are the foundations of our ingredients. Selected raw materials, high technology and applied know-how interact harmoniously, highlighting flavors and textures that complete the market and instigate different consumers.


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Our portfolio was created to offer complete solutions and deliver flavor and indulgence to the meat industry.



Indispensable for making the sensory experience unforgettable and memorable, our condiments are a combination of ingredients, such as spices and essential oils, carefully produced to provide completely standardized products. They can be applied to poultry, beef, pork, fish, ham, mortadella, sausages and hamburgers.

The portfolio is divided into:

  • Culinary bases;
  • Condiments for sausages;
  • Cutting condiments; and
  • Gourmet condiments.
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Also used to deliver flavor to foods, the portfolio of flavors for meat products is produced using extraction and combination technologies of different compounds to help intensify sensory notes, bringing richness off flavor to the most diverse gastronomic dishes.

Among the products in the line are:

  • Smoke;
  • Meat;
  • Spices; and
  • Fruity flavor.


With functionalities ranging from longer shelf life of products to improving the sensory experience, our portfolio of additives is the result of studies on different animal proteins and meat processing. With curing agents, flavor enhancers, color fixers and natural antioxidants, we offer a complete range of products with 100% natural ingredients to ensure food quality and safety.

  • Curing salts;
  • Flavor enhancer;
  • Color fixers;
  • Natural antioxidants;
  • Emulsifiers;
  • Polyphosphate-based stabilizer; and
  • Sodium reducers.
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Our mixes were developed to facilitate production processes and meet our customers demand for labor and lean inventory. The portfolio has ready-to-use blends of condiments and additives, which in addition to streamlining production processes, guarantee standardized and quality products.

  • Seasoning;
  • Sausage;
  • Hamburger;
  • Beef and poultry cuts; and
  • Pepper mix.


The colorings are part of the ingredients that directly influence the visual appearance at the time of consumption. They assist in the standardization of food and ensure a more attractive appearance to the product exposed on the shelves. Among our coloring options are:

  • Carmine;
  • Caramel; and
  • Annatto coloring.

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Specialized Technical Assistance

With the expertise of those who have worked for almost a century with the development of flavors and integrated solutions, we look for the excellence and success of our products.

Led by a team of experts, our technical structure supports, in addition to internal projects, demands from customers who seek even more assertiveness in their launches, establishing the connection between development and market, achieving exceptional results in R&D co-creation projects.

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