FAQ - Duas Rodas


We have a wide technical support team that acts as support to achieve the best solutions. Contact by calling 0800 707 9500 or through the link: Contact. We will be happy to help you.

We offer different courses in all regions of Brazil in areas such as Ice Cream, Chocolates and Confectionery. The events are organized by our commercial representatives and held at the distributors as required. In addition, you can take free courses for the Ice Cream area on the website www.universidadedosorvete.com or for the Confectionery and Chocolates areas on the website www.meuplanod.com

Our team of experts is always attentive to market movements, consumption trends around the world and presents new recipes on the website www.selectasorvetes.com, on our Facebook page  www.facebook.com/selectasorvetes and on our Instagram profile www.instagram.com/selecta.sorvetes. You can also request recipes by calling 0800 707 9500 and/or through the link: Contact.

You can consult the Technical Information section on the Selecta Sorvetes website (www.selectasorvetes.com), which provides a wide range of information. For further clarification, please contact us at 0800 707 9500 and/or through the link: Contact.