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We call the world's largest biome our home. Founded in Brazil, and with business units strategically located throughout Latin America, Duas Rodas offers a global business vision based on local expertise. Cultural diversity and a deep understanding of regional consumers’ habits and needs are a part of Duas Rodas’ DNA - something that translates each day in the development of our ingredients. Duas Rodas is well-positioned to deliver the ideal flavor through a diverse portfolio that includes more than 3,000 items divided across three major markets: Flavors, offering fragrances, natural extracts, dehydrated products, condiments and additives, and integrated solutions; Food Service, with ice cream, chocolate, confectionery and baking products provided under its Specialitá, Selecta and Mix brands; and Animal Nutrition, with animal nutrition ingredients offered under the Statera brand. Duas Rodas offers the distinct advantage of being strategically located within the world’s largest biome and truly understands the potential offered by Latin American culture and its capacity for creating remarkable sensory experiences.


Providing people with the best experiences, with care and respect.


Promote the success of our customers, by giving them recognized quality ingredients and unique technical and commercial attention, creating value for shareholders, employees and partners, building lasting relationships.


Be globally recognized as a high performance, efficient and sustainable company, in order to achieve the highest growth indices in our history.

Global Presence

Present in more than 70 countries, the company currently operate three plants in Brazil (Santa Catarina, Sergipe and São Paulo) and other Latin America nations (Chile, Colombia and Mexico), six research and development centers and an Innovation Center. It also an Advanced Innovation and Logistics Center in Europe (Germany), as well as commercial offices  in the United States and China.

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History of Success

Pioneers in the extraction of essential oils with more than 9 decades of success in the world of fragrances and flavors, Duas Rodas was founded in 1925 in Santa Catarina by German immigrants Hildegard and Rudolph Hufenüssler. Duas Roda’s history is steeped in creativity, innovation and the drive to build something different. The company is driven by a sense of courage in overcoming challenges, consistently looking towards the future.

Origin of insignia and name

The coat of arms of the German city of Mainz, the founders' home town, has been present in our company's history since the beginning. And it was the inspiration for its name, starting in the 1990s, when it stopped being Indústrias Reunidas Jaraguá S.A. and started being Duas Rodas Industrial S.A.