Duas Rodas opens space for collaborative innovation at SENAI / FIESC in Jaraguá do Sul - Duas Rodas


september 20, 2018

Duas Rodas opens space for collaborative innovation at SENAI / FIESC in Jaraguá do Sul

The space, which is titled “The Listen Room”, was designed to offer a flexible, warm and colorful space that stimulates innovation


Jaraguá do Sul, September 2018 – Duas Rodas officially inaugurates this Thursday (20/9) The Listen Room, a project developed in partnership with Senai / FIESC, in Jaraguá do Sul. Designed with the aim of stimulating the culture of collaborative innovation, the environment is flexible, cozy and colorful.

The Senai/FIESC college building F in Jaraguá do Sul was designed with the proposal to break away from the traditional classroom format, offering unique and thematic spaces that favor the teaching and learning Process. The space has different thematic rooms prepared by Duas Rodas and other companies in the region, such as Marisol, Proma, Minipa, Festo, Indumak, Audaces and Sol Paragliders.

“This project is a pilot modeled on the concept of co-creation. It has as main objectives the  approximation of  Academia with  Industry, stimulating innovation, fundamental  for the competitiveness in the market, as well as encouraging the development of projects by our university students in partnerships with companies, “says the Regional Director of Senai / Vale do Itapocu and Senai / Planalto Norte, Osvair Almeida Matos.

“Our room promotes the topic of ‘listening’, a fundamental step in research and teaching. All of the decoration of the space, the furniture, the colors, including the artistic intervention performed in one of the walls of the environment by the artist Rafael Moreno from Joinville, SC,  has the purpose of encouraging the concept of listening, “explains the General Innovation Manager of Duas Rodas, Steven Rumsey.

Osvair adds that the Listen Room is the result of a co-creation project between the design teams of the Senai College and the innovation center  of Duas Rodas, “which was inspired by  by the concept of Greek theater in the sense of being an environment that stimulates meetings and also tastings, in adherence to the Duas Rodas business. ”

The space is open for activities of Senai students, Duas Rodas employees and also other Companies. “The room has capacity for lectures and presentations, with the possibility of being arranged for smaller meetings or presentations of up to 70 people. It also has a small pantry area to facilitate food and beverage preparations, “said the executive of Duas Rodas.

“Senai/FIESC’s Initiative in stimulating collaborative innovation and the approach between students and industries is extremely interesting, and is fully connected with the strategy of the Duas Rodas performance in the global market,” says Steven.