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may 5, 2021

CreamyFeel: Duas Rodas’ technological solution improves performance of no-fat and low-fat dairy and plant-based beverages

The satisfaction provided by food and beverage consumption is a direct result of the multiple sensations triggered by the combination of ingredients present in the product. When it comes to indulgence and eating experiences, alongside flavor, the perception of texture and creaminess are fundamental to the creation of a delicious moment. With the advancement of the health movement, the search for products with new attributes has grown, such as low-fat content in dairy products or plant-based drinks, which poses great challenges to maintaining this indulgent experience.

Connected to these new consumer habits, Duas Rodas developed CreamyFeel, a technological solution that provides a perfect connection between healthiness and indulgence, highlighting creamy notes and providing a sensation of fullness to compensate for the low-fat content in dairy products and plant-based drinks. This natural flavor technology can be applied in products such as yogurts, chocolate, dairy and plant-based beverages.

In addition, the solution allows another feature that is increasingly valued by consumers: a clean label claim.

The result of a multidisciplinary team of flavor specialists in Duas Rodas, CreamyFeel was developed to help the industry overcome the technical challenge of improving texture by providing greater fullness to dairy products, yogurts and plant-based drinks. “In addition to texture and mouthfeel, these ingredients play a fundamental technological role in applications without impacting the sensory profile of the products. Our solution allows us to deliver indulgence for this category, without prejudice to naturalness and with a clean label positioning”, explains Rosemeri Francener, International Business Director at Duas Rodas.

“CreamyFeel’s excellent performance, proven in sensory tests, demonstrates increased fullness, creaminess and mouthfeel in different applications, such as dairy drinks, yogurts, chocolate and vegetable beverages. The improvement of these attributes provides more harmonic drinks, offering a better consumer experience”, adds Rosemeri.

With over 10,000 customers, Duas Rodas offers 3,000 items that include flavors, natural extracts, condiments, ice cream and confectionery products. Founded in Brazil 95 years ago, Duas Rodas has 7 factories in Latin America and products with Kosher, Halal, Organic and Fair for Life certifications, in addition to FSSC 22000 and SMETA.

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